Our Mission Statement:

Quinte Mohawk School is committed to providing a safe and caring environment for all learners – a place wherein a supportive and dedicated staff can work with the community to enable its children to learn and succeed in becoming culturally aware, confident, skilled and prepared for the future.

A History of Quinte Mohawk School

The history of Quinte Mohawk School begins with five other schools. The four schools pictured below were revolutionary – they were some of the first Aboriginal day schools on Native territories. In the time these schools were created, it was much more common for Aboriginal children to attend residential schools off-reserve – away from their families and communities, separated from their culture. These four schools – Central School, Eastern School, Western (“Swamp”) School and Mission School – allowed autonomous control over education in the Tyendinaga community.

These four schools were one-room schoolhouses with one teacher teaching a class ranging from grade 1 to grade 8. View the interviews with Ken Claus about the history of the four schools on the Four Schools Page. Eventually, a new school to teach grades 7 & 8 was built where the current Administration Building for the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte is today. Simply referred to by many as “The New School”, this school lasted until the present-day Quinte Mohawk was built in 1977.

The sketches below were drawn by Mr. Les Claus, and currently hang in Quinte Mohawk School.

Mission School

Western School

Central School

Eastern School

Cultural Celebrations

Quinte Mohawk School celebrates 3 seasonal festivals each year:
Harvest Festival is the celebration of Thanksgiving.
Mid-Winter Festival is the celebration of the cleansing of the Earth.
Strawberry Festival is the celebration of the arrival of the first fruit.

During these days, the students are involved in culturally-related activities. Various members of hte community volunteer their time to promote the cultural teachings and activities surrounding these festivals.

A Safe School

Emergency Evacuation Procedures are in place and practiced regularly.
Please call the school (613.966.6984) whenever a student is going to be absent.
If we have not heard from you and your child is absent, we will be calling by 9:30 am.
In respect of student safety, do not go directly to the classrooms. Sign students in or out at the office. If a person other than a parent/guardian is picking up your child, please notify the school.
Quinte Mohawk has a ban on foods with peanut and nut ingredients.
If a child requires an epipen or inhalers, they need to be carried by the student at all times.
Students who are ill should receive proper medical attention at home and should not attend school until their health is reasonable.
Designated school personnel will administer only prescription medication in its proper container on the written direction from a parent/guardian. All medications will be locked in the office.
It Is Vital: Information such as phone numbers, emergency contacts, and allergies must be complete, up-to-date and accurate.

Hours of Instruction

Grades 1-8:8:45 am – 3:15 pm

Jr. Kindergarten: 8:45 am – 11:25 am
Sr. Kindergarten: 12:25 pm – 3:15 pm

1st Nutrition Break/Recess: 10:28 am – 11:08 am

2nd Nutrition Break/ Recess 1:12pm – 1:52pm

Dress Code

Students are expected to wear appropriate dress which avoids graphics and slogans portraying violence, profanity, sex, racism and illegal substances. Provocative dress is not appropriate for school (examples are bare bellies, extreme low-rise jeans, short skirts or shorts, low cut tops and spaghetti straps). Students wearing any of the above will be asked to change and their parent will be called.

Spirit Wear

QMS Spirit Wear Quinte Mohawk has a line of clothing available for purchase by students, parents and families, and the general public. View more information on our Spirit Wear page.

Facilities, Activities & Special Programs

Computers: Computers in every classroom. All classrooms have access to the internet.

Library: We have an extensive collection of books available for all students to borrow. For more information, please view our Library page.

There are many activities available for students at Quinte Mohawk School. A variety of interests are explored in areas like sports, the arts, science and technology, world issues or culturally-based activities. To view a list of our activities, and more information on specific activities, view our Special Programs page.