Quinte Mohawk School’s EarthCare Team is an environmental leadership program which strives to promote outdoor education and environmental stewardship for Quinte Mohawk Students in grade 4 to 8. Students carry out responsibilities within the school such as daily monitoring of classroom recycling, role modeling environmental care and concern, and sharing their knowledge through presentations and projects with other students. The team meets weekly to discuss our recycling initiatives and ongoing projects, and monthly to actively participate in several areas of the curriculum in an outdoor learning environment. Each activity allows for the EarthCare students to develop team building skills and create both a deeper connection with the environment and their culture.

Recently, the EarthCare team has taken on a very large project. In the spring of 2012, the team put together a proposal that they presented to Band Council, requesting the development of a wetland at Quinte Mohawk School. This request was made because there is a natural wetland area in the front yard of the school, and it presents wonderful opportunities for an outdoor learning environment for all students at the school. With the approval of Band Council and support from CN Rail, Ducks Unlimited, Build All Construction and QMS staff & students…we have begun the development of the wetland!

Development of the wetland area has already begun, with the installation of fencing and the grading of the yard to create a barrier to catch runoff, rainwater and melt water. Over the next several months and into the spring, we will see nature take back the space and it will be an area of great learning opportunities for students in all grades. The EarthCare team will continue to post updates about the wetland progress, and looks forward to the arrival of many species such as frogs, turtles, ducks, minnows and various forms of plant life.

Environmentally Yours,
Mrs. Robin Green, Ms. Laura Schwager
QMS EarthCare Team Leaders