Intermediate Math

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Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a website bank of educational videos, podcasts, and activities to teach and support math learning. You can search almost any concept by clicking in the search box at the top of the home page screen.

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Check out: is a site where online math practice feels like play. Each student at QMS has a user name and password assigned to them and they can practice at school or at home and earn virtual rewards.

Woodlands Math Zone

Woodlands Math zone is an interactive math games and activities site geared toward primary learners.

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Bite Size Math

Cool Math 4 Kids

Dino Dig

Fun Brain

Kids Math Games

Math Frog

Math Pickle

Place Value Pirates


Top Marks

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Number Sense & Numeration ~ Count, Represent, Order
Number Sense & Numeration ~ Addition
Number Sense & Numeration ~ Subtraction
Number Sense & Numeration ~ Multiplication
Number Sense & Numeration ~ Division
Number Sense & Numeration ~ Order of Operations
Patterning & Algebra ~ Patterns
Geometry & Spatial Sense ~ 2D Geometry
Geometry & Spatial Sense ~ 3D Geometry
Data Management & Probability ~ Likelihood
Data Management & Probability ~ Probability
Measurement ~ Linear
Measurement ~ Perimeter
Measurement ~ Area
Number Sense & Numeration ~ Money Sense
Number Sense & Numeration ~ Fractions
Number Sense & Numeration ~ Decimals
Measurement ~ Mass
Measurement ~ Capacity
Measurement ~ Volume
Measurement ~ Surface Area
Measurement ~ Time
Geometry & Spatial Sense ~ Locational Geometry
Patterning & Algebra ~ Algebra
Data Management & Probability ~ Data Generation & Investigation
High School Prep
Year End Review