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Well, the school has decided to get a 3D printer. Since this is a pilot project we are keeping costs low in case things don’t work out. We are planning on using some of this technology in the Fall of 2015.

Simple-1403-w-Alu-Handle-and-Rack-1505111I believe that applications for math and science should be fairly easy to do. The problem will be how to integrate them into the classroom. I think that the printer itself would interest the children, they are fascinating to watch print. Designing 3D models may be a bit beyond the younger kids, but Autodesk has some really neat software applications where the children might be able to create some really neat things.



I’ve downloaded the Ontario curriculum, the next step is to talk to the teachers to see what activities would have the most impact for the technology.


Elementary Science School Curriculum

I can see 3 main uses at the moment for the printer:

1. Creation of material to support the subject being taught.

2. Creation of materials to support operation of the school. (eg, laptop charging brackets)

3. Creation of interest in the students to science and technology by seeing what machines can do.

I hope to create laptop cradles so that the students can slide the laptops into the cart and won’t have to worry about the cords.


We have 32 Chromebooks that don’t get charged all the time.

Typical end of day charging cart state


It’s here!, assembly ensues!

box dannkal
 kaleena braynkal

First Print!



Tried printing the shroud, it didn’t work out as intended – it lost sticktion 3/4 of the way printed!



Success!, I had to run to the local Home Hardware and pick up some painters tape as recommended by the printrbot forums.


 Tried a few prints with the shroud on, it actually made the printer print worse than before, perhaps it’s needed more if you have the heated bed, which we do not have. The tape is working well though, prints are sticking to the base now.



Whistle with brim, at start of print 205 C, M212 Z-0.09


Windmill complete!
windmillonmotorWindmill mounted on a DC motor, when vanes spin a small LED lights up.

We needed to film a presentation, but we didn’t have a video camera….so let’s mount an ipad on a tripod to video!



Fun with Skanect!




Here’s a propeller from thingiverse that attaches to a dremel tool, works well!

 IMG_22952  IMG_22962

Strawberry Festival Time! (Necklace)

Minecraft Imaging on the Raspberry Pi

Just a quick little photo. We’ve been playing with some raspberry pi’s lately. Here is a quick project from the education pages. Here is one of our students, the image on the screen is made from minecraft terrain blocks!

The project page is here:minecraft







Made some switches for a student who needs a wheelchair. The switch controls hardware for learning activities.

Printed parts, they snap together once a wire is soldered to the push button switch
The mostly assembled switch, minus cable.
Switch mounted on wheelchair tray.

We needed to replace lost pieces for the chess club. I added our vice-principal as the queen!