At Quinte Mohawk School we follow the Ontario Curriculum in all subject areas including math, but we are very excited to be leading the way in this particular subject area with an exciting groundbreaking program!

Based on research and current educational theory, we have developed a math program which we believe better caters to the diverse and unique needs of our 21st Century Learners!

Our program focuses on developing not only content knowledge, but also the mathematical processes using Problem Solving focused around Big Ideas in math.  This includes:

    • Student Centered 3 Part Lessons
    • Deep Open-Ended Problems
    • Hands on Work
    • Individual, Partner, & Group Work
    • Using Manipulatives
    • Investigating & Questioning
    • Reasoning & Reflecting
    • Discussing Our Learning
    • Immediate Feedback
    • Each month we will be focusing on a different Big Idea (i.e. Number Skills, Linear Measurement) and developing our knowledge and problem solving skills in that area.

What’s a Big Idea you ask?  Well it’s a group of related mathematical subjects and concepts that use the same procedures and processes to complete.  By focusing on these ideas we hope to cover the curriculum in more depth.

We are also breaking ground with our math program by having 2 full-time Math Partners:

Kaleena Hanoski ~ Grades 3-5
Robin Green ~ Grades 6-8

This means that EVERY DAY, your student has not only their regular classroom teacher, but also a second teacher in their classroom teaching math!  Out Math Partners co-teach with your child’s regular classroom teacher which allows for a more engaging learning environment.

As we’re sure you can tell, we are quite enthusiastic about the possibilities that this program brings with it!  We want this year to be challenging and exciting for your student, but most of all we want it to be fun and to inspire a love of mathematics!

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Hello Everyone,

We are Robin Green and Kaleena Hanoski and we are very excited to be Quinte Mohawk School’s Math Partners!  This year we are co-teaching math every day with your student’s regular classroom teacher.  We are in every class in the primary and junior divisions each day just having fun with math!  We look forward to learning with your child this year!

Mrs. Green & Mrs. Hanoski


Mrs. Hanoski has always loved school.  After finishing her B.Ed. and M.T.S. she started teaching full time in a remote First Nations community in Alberta where she taught Grades 7-12 Math and Science. This was an eye opening experience for her because while she has always loved learning, she has NOT always loved math!  In fact she used to hate it and it was not until she had to relearn the math that she needed to teach that she realised that not only was she good at math, but that she REALLY enjoyed it.  As her love for math grew so did her enthusiasm to share it with others.  This in turn led to her involvement with First Nations Math Education initiatives as well as other math learning projects.  She moved back to Tyendinga two years ago and has been teaching here at QMS.


Mrs. Green has always loved math!  It goes hand in hand with her other favourite subject…Science!  Both subjects are exciting because there is so much exploring that can happen; discovering new ways to solve problems and experimenting with our own interests.  For the past three years, Mrs. Green has been a Math Partner at the school; working with students and teachers from Junior Kindergarten through to grade 6.  This year, she will be focusing on the grade 4 through 7 classrooms.  To prepare for this, Mrs. Green has been learning too…she recently completed the Math Specialist Program through York University.   With lots of new ideas and strategies to try, there will be lots of opportunities for students to explore math in a “Hands-on” and engaging environment.